Evecon UAB is a pan-Baltic renewable energy developer and producer

We are motivated by the clean and unspoiled nature of the Baltics, which as such can be passed on to future generations only if we adopt more alternative energy production methods.

When planning and implementing projects, we involve the local government and the community from the very beginning in order to take into account the specifics and interest groups of the region. We want to give some of the economic benefits to where the local communities need them most.

Lithuania’s climate and energy policy is aimed at significantly increasing the volume of renewable energy production. Lithuania has great potential for solar and wind energy.

Evecon’s solar and wind developments are accelerating the transition to green energy and will help to reduce carbon emissions to meet the climate targets. As Baltic states are currently in energy deficency, Evecon is also contributing through its developments to Energy security, Energy equity and Enviromental sustainability.


Lithuania’s goals are to install over 1,000 MW of solar power plants in Lithuania by 2025, and by 2030.

As many as half a million people would generate their own electricity.

Evecon UAB has over 200 MW of active solar developments across different Lithuanian municipalities.


Lithuania has great potential for offshore and onshore wind parks. As of 2022, in Lithuania there is total of 671MW installed wind capacity that makes over 60% of total installed capacity for renewable power sources. Evecon UAB is developing onshore wind parks in several Lithuanian municipalities. Currently we have several sites under development with combined capacity over 100 MW.

These projects have have major significance as we are producing clean and sustainable energy and at the same time we are giving back to the people as wind developments provide many economic benefits to neighboring land owners and communities.